What does information technology (IT) mean to organization(s) these days?

The importance and use of information technologies has grown significantly in every organization. Information technology are used by organizations to perform various tasks such as data management and transaction processing, it also facilitate the communication internally by creating information sharing environment and externally with clients, suppliers, distributors and regulatory agencies

In each organization, information technology (IT) department exist. Their main functions are: plans, operates and supports an organization’s IT infrastructure, enabling business users to carry out their roles efficiently, productively and securely.

For more elaboration, a senior member of the IT team could works with business executives to develop an IT strategy that supports the organization’s business objectives and helps build a strong competitive advantage. The IT team develops and operates a network to support effective communication and collaboration. They also develop tools to collect, store, manage, secure and distribute data to employees who need access to the latest information to make decisions about strategic, financial and operational issues. IT teams must protect the IT infrastructure and corporate data against attacks from viruses, cybercriminals and other threats. Last but not least, the IT team provides various forms of user support to enable employees to make the most effective use of IT resources.

So Information technology has given the organizations tools to solve complex problems, allows making better decisions, improved marketing, customer support, finance & accounting , and resource management, it also drives innovation through continuous development and improvement which leads to the business success.



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